A4 Size Clear PET Adhesive Vinyl Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printers
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A4 Size Clear PET Adhesive Vinyl Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printers

50mic ±10% Clear PET face paper / waterbase glue / 80gsm ±5% white glassine liner
  • Clear PET Vinyl Sticker Paper
  • Rigthint

Face material: 

50mic ±10% Clear PET


Arylic permanent adhesive featuring high clarity and high cohesion,waterbased. 


80gsm ±5% White glassine liner


Tack Adhesion(FTM9)9N/25mm on stainless steel
Final Adhesion(FTM8)>24h on stainless steel
Peel 20 min(FTM1)6N/25mm on stainless steel
Dimensional StabilityAdhered to steel,no shrinkage in cross ; in length <2%
Tensile StrengthAlong:Min.220MPa     Across:Min.200Mpa
Elongation at BreakAlong:Min.120%         Across:Min.125%
SeawaterbilityAdhered to aluminum, after 48h/24℃,no variation
Tremperature rangesMin.Appl.Temp: 10℃      Service Temp:–20 ~ 80℃
Available Lengths&Widths

Custom sheet sizes available

Roll width:100mm to 1050mm


Information labels for cosmetics, drugs, food etc. like beers, Dinnerware information labels

Printing Methods

Inkjet/Memjet printer for waterbasedink(for pigment and dye).

For best ink recommendations pleasecontact your ink supplier.Tesetingfor suitability between media,printers andinksis always recommended prior touse. We recommend to manitain anunprintedarea of 3-4mm on the edges of theprinteddecal to avoid to avoid edge lifting.

Shelf Life

1 year stored at 50±10%RHat 20℃intheoriginal packing


Surfaces to which will be applied must be cleaned thoroughly of dust,grease or any contaminants.This informationarebased upon our knowledge and pratical experience but does not constitute a warranty.All information is subject tochangewithout prior notice.

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