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Self Adhesive Paper

Adhesive Cast-Coated Paper/Semi-Glossy Paper
Adhesive Woodfree/Kraft /Fluorescent Paper
Adhesive Metalized Foil Paper
 Printing method: laser printing, flexographic printing, offset printing, digital printing, screen printing, bronzing.Good ink absorption, Smooth printing, Clear and not fade.
No odor, no poison, no pollution, no dyeing.

 Excellent wear resistance and high stability.Use: Food label, Bottle label, signs, shipping labels, price tag, Labeling Files, packaging identification etc.

Self Adhesive Film

 Printing method: flexo printing, UV offset printing and screen printing, digital printing, etc.

 Non-toxic, No tearing, waterproof.

 Uses: Especially suitable for daily chemical, electronics, home appliances, automobiles, industrial labels and bottle label other industry labels, advertising and promotional campaigns,printed labels for indoor and outdoor use.

Self Adhesive Security Material

Warranty VOID Label
Eggshell Fragile Paper
Holographic Label
 Different degrees of fragility can be applied to manual labeling and automatic labeling. Sensitive material ensures excellent anti-counterfeit effect.

 It is not only the protection of the brand, but also the brand logo, improve the brand recognition. Rightint security materials can be customized for colors, size, printing, die-cutting, packing. Widely used for luxury labels, patent labels, electronic packing label, sealing labels,etc.

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