Matte White Waterproof Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printer
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Matte White Waterproof Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printer

This matte white vinyl sticker paper is popular with online sellers on Amazon, eBay etc. for its high quality, competitive price, fast delivery, high reviews.
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OEM Premium Inkjet Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper for AMZ, Ebay etc.  


Advanced inkjet coating

RIGHTINT matte white sticker paper uses special coating treatment for color inkjet printing, making it suitable for any inkjet printers and guaranteeing real & rich colors.

With this waterproof printable vinyl, it is easy to create gorgeous multipurpose sticker for both indoors and outdoors. Simply add clear layer of UV resistant sealer spray to boost waterproofness and durability. 

This high quality vinyl sticker paper for inkjet printer provides time efficient and precise color performance. The ink dries very quickly within just few minutes and the application is super easy and smooth.

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Multiple material options, more business opportunities

In addition to matte white inkjet sticker paper, Rightint also have glossy white printable vinyl, clear sticker paper and holographic inkjet vinyl to help you develop new business on Amazon, eBay etc. All Rightint inkjet printable vinyl are 100% machine inspected, which can better ensure product quality and help customers get high reviews.


OEM Package Design

Rightint provides free packaging customization services to fully reflect your brand culture. The packaging customization process of matt sticker paper is as follows:

1. Rightint provides original printing drawings

2. Customers can provide logo files and text descriptions according to their needs

3. Rightint starts designing

4. After the customer confirms the design, Rightint arranges samples for the customer to confirm

5. Bulk production after confirming the packaging samples


FBA service

Rightint has long-term cooperative logistics service cooperator, providing air and sea express services, which can quickly deliver the products to FBA warehouse, without losing the goods and not affecting the normal shelf sales.

At the same time, Rightint can freely stick SKU codes, FBA stickers, etc. for customers, saving time and cost, to make it easy to selling on Amazon.

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