What is self-adhesive, label paper?
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What is self-adhesive, label paper?

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Self-adhesive label material was invented by American R. Stanton Avery in the 1990s. Started by hand, later, Mr. Avery invented the first coating machine and label production equipment and began to mechanize production. Self-adhesive materials are a huge challenge to traditional label materials and a revolution in the field of labels. Since the 1930s, the technology of self-adhesive materials has spread rapidly all over the world. Some countries have built factories one after another to research and develop various and different types of label materials.

Many friends will confuse self-adhesive label paper. What is self-adhesive and label paper?

First of all, the self-adhesive label is a material, also called self-adhesive label material, which is a composite material with paper, film or other special materials as the fabric, adhesive on the back, and silicon-coated protective paper as the backing paper. So self-adhesive is a general term for materials of this nature. In China, many people confuse self-adhesive with labels. In fact, there are essential differences between them. There is no such thing as "self-adhesive" in English, only Labels and stickers or stickers are generally called labels by foreigners, while domestic ones are called variously. The more common ones are "adhesives, labels, labels, self-adhesive stickers, self-adhesives, etc."

The label is: originally refers to a cloth or strip tied to the hat of a Christian bishop. It is a symbol of power and identity. As early as 1700, Europe printed a label used for medicine and cloth as a commodity label. The first batch of tags, so, strictly speaking: tags are used to mark the classification or content of your target, such as keywords you have identified for your target, so that you and others can find and locate your own A method for the target tool.

Finally, most of the labels in the printing industry are printed materials used to identify the relevant instructions of their products, and most of them are self-adhesive on the back, but there are also some that are printed without glue, which can also be called Labels, for example: Most beverage labels are glue-free when printed, and are pasted by the manufacturer by brushing glue, which is also called a label. Therefore, the label paper is not necessarily glued, and the label made of self-adhesive is commonly known as "self-adhesive label".

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