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Self Adhesive Paper

Rightint stationary adhesive material, accept the customized packing. Various materials and colors can be selected.
 Woodfree Paper, Kraft Paper, Fluorescent Paper, Semi-Glossy Paper, etc. more various materials and colors for your choice
 Suitable for laser and inkjet printers! Appropriate material thickness, customizable glue without any bleeding, the good flatness release paper without curling make our material popular in each stationary store and the supermarket.
 It can work not only printing but writing, and easy for cutting by Scissors or other cutting machines.
 Widely used in office, school, home or other occasions and perfect for stickers, labels, signs and packaging identification, etc.

Self Adhesive Whiteboard

Adhesive Whiteboard Film
Adhesive Blackboard Film
Adhesive Greenboard Film
Good gloss, high stiffness, easy to write and wipe, can be reused more than 3w times, can be peeled without residue, accept customized size and packaging
 perfect for training, presentations, teaching, and a wide variety of uses around the home office and school. And it’s a nice drawing paper for kid, no more mess up on painted walls and tables.You can also write down your monthly,daily plans/schedules on it.

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