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August 02,2023

Automotive Label Material

Usually applied to the outer packaging of lubricating oil (motor oil), brake fluid, gear oil, polishing agent, glass water, leather cleaner, etc. 



Self-adhesive materials applied to the veneer of automotive label material: 

capacities of PE barrels mainly with  ranging from 1 liter to 10 liters, and the size requirements for labels are usually relatively large.


Automotive label material usually has a special production process:

Take the label of lubricating oil (oil drum) as an example. Due to the high viscosity of the engine oil, high temperature filling (40-50°C) is required to improve production efficiency, and the labeling needs to have certain high temperature resistance properties.

Requirements for the surface material of the label

In general, white surface materials and PE surface materials are widely used

Glue requirements on the back of the label:

It needs to be matched with high viscosity and low surface energy to fit. Generally, PE, oil glue, hot glue, etc. with high viscosity are used.


Common application problems of Automotive Label Material:

1) The shape of the label of the oil drum is quite special

2) Most oil drums are labeled by automatic labeling machines, so there are certain requirements for the release force of the material

3) Since the surface of the labeled container is often very rough, it may also be very soft, making it difficult to apply pressure to the label

4) The terminal may require labeling of the newly filled container, which may negatively affect the appearance of the label, because the container at this time has not reached a stable phase state, and the container will shrink rapidly, resulting in blistering and label peeling wrinkle;

5) High temperature filling will cause the container to expand and shrink after cooling, which requires the elasticity of the label and the adhesion of the glue.

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