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When the PP label material encounters UV inkjet

April 12,2024

Compared to regular labels, PP stickers have the following advantages:

1. Light:

Low density, it is one of the lightest varieties of film labels;

2. Durable:

High strength, good elasticity, softness, not easy to tear, wear-resistant, scratch resistant, resistant to disassembly and stacking, anti-perforation, non-deformable when stuck, and not easily deformed even after long-term storage

3. Good heat resistance:

Has high heat resistance, can be used continuously at temperatures up to 110-120 ℃, and is resistant to temperature changes;

4. Good outdoor performance:

Water resistance, oil resistance, light resistance, UV resistance, and aging resistance

5. Good chemical resistance:

Almost nonabsorbent and does not react with the vast majority of chemicals;

6. Good appearance glossiness:

It won't change color easily, and it won't turn yellow easily even after a long time.

7. Good electrical insulation;


Advantages of UV inkjet

1. Fast printing speed.

No need for plate making, compared to traditional printing, it saves a lot of preliminary preparation work and can be printed immediately.

2. High image quality

High definition:  UV printing  uses digital inkjet technology, which can achieve very high resolution and color reproduction.

3. Save costs and energy,

UV ink has a fast-curing speed, which not only saves energy consumption in traditional drying processes, but also saves drying time and reduces labor costs.

4. Durable and stable

UV cured ink is known for its durability and anti-fading properties, making printed materials highly durable and long-lasting.

5. Widely applicable

UV printing is suitable for various materials and can be used for color photo level printing on surfaces such as paper, wood, glass, crystal, metal, plastic, stone, leather, fabric, etc.


The characteristics of PP label material combined with UV inkjet

1. Bright and vibrant colors: fully meeting visual needs

2. Outdoor application: moisture-proof, stain resistant, and sun resistant

3. Good durability: wear-resistant, scratch resistant, non-deformable, and non-fading

4. Energy conservation and environmental protection: energy-saving, consumption reduction, and easy recycling


RIGHTINT's advantages in UV inkjet PP materials

1. High adaptability to various UV printing equipment, and PP material surface coated with special coatings specially developed for UV inkjet.

After printing verification, good printing results can be achieved on various UV printing devices such as Durst (TAU 330 RSC E), Hangory (330S), HaoTian (HTS-220/330-5C), etc.

2. Clear and highly reproducible printed patterns, eye-catching

3. Good waterproof, anti-fouling, and anti-chemical properties, suitable for various indoor and outdoor environments

4. Durable and long-lasting, it will not be easily damaged after being pasted

5. Superior production and processing performance can be achieved through various production and processing methods such as cutting, die-cutting, embossing, hot stamping, and punching.

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Product application

The product can be applied to foods such as alcohol and beverages, cosmetics, toiletries, medicines, etc., and due to its superior outdoor performance, it can be applied to advertisements, posters, banners, and other places

In addition, the product can also be used in some special occasions, such as special UV ink can achieve embossing and reflective effects on labels, high-quality invisible patterns (such as QR codes, header text, etc.) and safety labels, which increase the readability and visibility of printed labels. It is widely used in fields such as pharmaceuticals, food, electronic devices, and luxury goods.


How to use it

UV inkjet PP material  is not complicated to use and is very convenient. They are suitable for most UV inkjet printers, just follow the printer's prompts to complete all the settings, confirm everything is correct, and then click start.

Finally, it's time for harvest.

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